Internet Detritus – History Edition

I have been building out a timeline for US History to 18761 and so have been wandering around the LOC site and other historical places quite a bit. As a result, I have found many things that interest me and may, just may, interest you. Here Be Pirates! cc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr […]

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Internet Detritus – Random Chaos

NO FATE BUT THE NARRATIVES WE IMPOSE ON LIFE’S RANDOM CHAOS TO DISTRACT OURSELVES FROM OUR EXISTENTIAL PLIGHT . . . and you’ve now started your English/History/Philosophy class. Just like the future of education This contradiction is known as “sensory-specific satiety.” In lay terms, it is the tendency for big, distinct flavors to overwhelm the […]

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Craig’s List Beat Poetry

I find the Craig’s List free stuff ads very entertaining. The combination of really odd items1 and unique writing choices lead to speculation about who wrote the ad and what they were thinking. I ran across the three beautiful ads pictured above last night and proceeded to force my wife to listen to me read […]

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Internet Detritus #5

Audio The sounds of made by a West Indian furrow lobster – via Boing Boing Radio Berkman – Facts Are Boring – via itself This week we tear apart the difference between Truth, Fact, and Evidence, and the quiet, but irreplaceable, role of the humble factchecker in our media: Author/factchecker Jim Fingal on the Lifespan […]

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Quotes and Authenticity

Mike Hasley, our Social Studies specialist posted the image/assignment above in FaceBook the other day. Homework assignment to give history students (high school): Find 5 quotations on Facebook attributed to a historical figure or culture icon (Einstein or Bill Cosby, for example). Then, have them find out if it’s actually true or actually from the […]

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Internet Culture as Digital Content: VSTE12 Presentation

This presentation is essentially a pitch for the idea that we ought to be looking at the world with open eyes and paying attention to the content that is exciting to ourselves and others- the things we read/watch/listen to without being coerced. The introduction it is a rehash of the RSS aggregator pitch that I’ve […]

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From Dog Food to Drug Dealers to Poetry (or a typical internet search)

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by quiiver WARNING: Many of the rap lyrics in the linked site are explicit. Expect frequent NSFW references and other lines that, while necessarily profane, will offend people. I will also move from something fairly tangible and real into a semi-philosophical discussion which is likely […]

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