Google Script Drop Box/Display Package

flickr photo shared by cogdogblog under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license Because I still read the posts from the good people over at HCPS I came across Doug’s post on a script that Michael Price wrote. The script sets up a form that lets anyone upload a file to a Google Folder.1 It […]

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Grabbing FaceBook Comments – More Primitive Programming

Functional is a kind way to describe this . . . but it’s hard to argue with computers doing tedious work that was previously done by hand. The goal here was to automate the collection of the comments on 300 or so posts from the CDC’s Facebook page so they could be analyzed. Ebola is […]

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Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

Five years, building a culture, and handing it off. – Laughing Meme I/we need to consider this with our team and education more broadly. “Theory 1: Nothing we “know” about software development should be assumed to be true. Most of our tools, our mental models, and our practices are remnants of an era (possibly fictional) […]

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Facebook Comments for Research

This is a post about (at least temporary) failure. I should be able to do all this via the Facebook API/SDK but I’m doing something wrong. While I’m learning a decent amount in the land of programming, fundamentally I still suck. With that cathartic self-flagellation out of the way . . . I’m working with […]

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