If you’re going to do this 21st century thing . . .

Here’s my advice. Get your leadership on board with the same vision of what this looks like. That doesn’t mean “Yeah, P21 sounds good.” or “I like ISTE’s version.” If your administration is going to push this as something that needs to be done, they actually have to know what they’re talking about in detail. […]

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Modernist Posters

This is a bent paperclip on a green background. It is awesome.

When it rains, it pours snows people panic and Richmond shuts down. Also when I find one good thing on the Internet, others often show up. So here are minimalist TV show posters by Albert Exergian. I’d do this for sure. It’s another in the line of restriction = creativity possibilities. The drawing skills are […]

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6 Frame Comic Summaries

We’re asking you to take your favourite film and re-imagine it for us in the form of a comic, within a six-frame panel (download template files). That’s the whole film, condensed into six frames. This is another beautiful, reductionist way to analyze a book, historical figure, era, epoch or movement. I don’t see much use […]

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Another Change or Die Education Video

Another 21st Century Plea from Tom Woodward on Vimeo. I have mixed feelings about making this1. It has reached the level of mediocrity. Comments regarding ways to improve it are welcome2. This has inspired me to get moving on the mock change education video I’ve been planning for a while. I’ll detail how it’ll be […]

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Tolerance Interview

This is an interview with Wiley Hunnicutt who discusses a unit she did on tolerance with 8th graders at Byrd Middle School. This particular version is for a PTA night there having that focuses on 21st century skills and technology integration. Wiley1 is an amazing teacher and speaks passionately and intelligently about this unit. I’d […]

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