The Outsiders Vocabulary Blog

I know how tedious vocabulary can be–I’m an English teacher. I have a list of 60ish vocabulary words for the novel The Outsiders (Do it for Johnny!). In previous years I have handed out the list, sorted by chapter, and asked the students to define them. I would put a selection of words on the […]

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Organization in a MetaData World (Part 1)

Jim’s finally found a home for his kind of organization I am a swine. I can say this because my mother regularly told me I was “living in a pig sty.” I have struggled to reform myself. Dayrunner (in the bottom of a dusty box). Elaborate Note-Taking Systems (codes never seemed intuitive enough to stick). […]

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IMSafer: Helping Responsible Parents

My wife and I were talking about personal responsibility last night. It was the age-old debate about who to blame for the state of the world. More specifically, the state of children (we are both teachers). We both recognized that there are companies actively marketing products, services, and entertainment to teenagers that is clearly inappropriate […]

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Disaster Events Map

RSOE HAVARIA Want that certain student motivated and interested in exploring the globe while learning about some interesting current events? This looks like just the right thing to spark some interest in some students I know. A map covering all sorts of unpleasant real time events (natural disasters, disease outbreaks, etc) from the National Association […]

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Geni Fixes Familial Woes is neat. A great option for dealing with complicated family relationships in history or novels (Richard III for instance). Have your students plot out the family tree and upload pictures all for free in a very easy ajaxy environment. You can move around and zoom in and out to get the big picture. It […]

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The Communist Manifesto on YouTube as a Cartoon Remix

A great idea and great project type for kids. You could do this with any number of fairly dry historical documents and while it would take quite a while the level of comprehension, analysis and retention the creators would get from this project would be incredible. The movie itself makes for a nice resource if […]

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How big is Azeroth?- Who says word problems can’t be interesting?

From Tobold’s MMORPG Blog: How big is Azeroth? To measure a square mile, you first need to define what a mile is. As “a mile” doesn’t even have the same length on different places on our earth, that isn’t trivial. The basic definition of a mile is coming from Roman times, defining a mile a […]

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