Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-02-20

MoviePass Will Track Your Eye Movements to Ensure Ads Are Watched MoviePass, a service formerly known for offering moviegoers unlimited movie tickets for ten dollars a month, is returning from bankruptcy with a new business model: trading ad views for “credits” used to redeem tickets. In an industry first, the platform will require users to enable the app to use their phone’s biometric facial recognition feature to ensure that they are actively viewing the ads that the platform serves. The feature will operate on any cell phone with a camera. Bowdoin Launches Groundbreaking Digital Excellence Commitment | Bowdoin College By providing every student a 13-inch MacBook Pro, iPad mini, and Apple Pencil, Bowdoin inspires innovation and creates digital equity for every student regardless of family means, fully equipping them with the tools and opportunities to learn and lead in a digital world.


Fancy Gravity Forms Site Creation with Teams

This is an odd one but I think worth writing down so I don’t forget and because it walks me through some patterns that are useful in both Gravity Forms and WordPress Multisite. You can see the whole thing here. The goal was to allow students to sign up and create profile posts on a main Multisite using Gravity Forms. Those initial posts would help them get to know one another and allow the professor to decide who was on what team. Those teams would be assigned via Gravity Forms (just editing a field and updating the entry). Each team would then end up with a single team-site on the multisite. All the team members would be added to that site as admins. We also needed some posts to enable the faculty member to sort through all this stuff and keep track of things. Functionally, all this stuff happens. On form submission, two posts are created for the intros. One full version and one version for guessing with some redacted elements. Once teams are assigned, assigning the first team member creates a site and assigns the student to that site as an admin. All subsequent students on that team are added as admins to the correct team site. For each team assigned, a post is created on the root blog […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-02-06

Responsive Sketchpad jack wagner on Twitter: “idk much about crypto security but this person shouldn’t have been able to steal 4.5 billion dollars of it https://t.co/i86nu7naKK” / Twitter so many things that should give us pause Analyzing the Very Bizarre Sale of Melania Trump’s $170,000 NFT The $170,000 purchase of an NFT collection auctioned by Melania Trump was made by the entity that originally put the NFT up for sale, according to blockchain records.  Digital Naturalism on Twitter: “Me + my partner have been studying for about 7 years now the absolutely bizarre things that instagram’s auto-translator does for japanese animal accounts. The latest is that it adds the phrase “I’m going to be a good one” t One of those odd things that makes me wonder what’s at the root. About – Iconographic Encyclopædia of Science, Literature, and Art The process is intense. and . . . “Everyone should be able to enjoy and use Heck’s collection of illustrations in their own projects if they’re useful. To help with this, all of the restored illustrations—including the full plates—have been released under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) license and can be used freely without any restrictions. Iconographic Encyclopædia of Science, Literature, and Art CSS { In Real Life } | Aspect Ratio is Great You can explicitly set a […]


Send Email to Different Addresses Based on Form Responses in Google Script

That title’s SEO gold, Jerry! I’ve used this pattern several times recently so I figured I’d write it up and break up the endless stream of “Weekly Web Harvest” posts. Google Forms are great but the options for doing more with emails are limited. Often people want to be alerted to a submission or to have emails go to multiple, or different, people based on form submissions. This need gives you the opportunity to do some Google Script work.1 Get All the Data One frequent request is to get all the responses. That’s what we’re doing in the function below. In this case, there were a number of conditional fields and we didn’t want a bunch of empty spaces or “no information submitted” responses so we check with if(answer != ”). If there’s something there, we’ll include it. If not, the else statement occurs. I left it in there as other people have requested it say “not submitted” or something like that. Email Someone Particular Depending on what kind of thing someone wants to buy, we want to email a different librarian. So we had to do two things. First, we had to see what the media type was and then we had to change the email addresses to reflect the associated librarian. Form Values in the Email Subject In […]


Send an Email on ACF Form Submission

The following code emails a particular person whenever an ACF Form is submitted. It’s a slight modification of the example at the bottom of this page. Since I’m dealing with three forms with different fields, I do some if statements to gather and append various fields if they exist. In this particular workflow, all these post types end up in draft mode so I use get_edit_post_link to put the approver (the person getting this email) into the editor view rather than using get_the_permalink (which would take them to the preview). Since I wanted a bit more control, the email is also set to be HTML via the headers – $headers = array(‘Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8’); And finally, is_admin() prevents the email from firing if you’re creating content in the normal editor zone rather than via the form. I am not a fan of the name of this function as I have forgotten and used it to try to see if someone is an editor (which it doesn’t do). Feels like it should be is_in_admin or something like that.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-01-30

Reducing The Web’s Carbon Footprint: Optimizing Social Media Embeds — Smashing Magazine Alabama officials receive complaints about Black History Month as state debates CRT legislation – al.com “I had two calls in the last week that they’re having a Black History Month program and they consider having a Black history program CRT,” Mackey said. “Having a Black history program is not CRT.” CRTmail this website autogenerates randomized reports to Virginia’s CRT tip email. the reports aren’t real of course, they’re mostly song lyrics. just click the button below and send the email 🙂 alternatively, you could replace my message with a new one. feel free to spice it up! Bataclan survivor shocked as surgeon tries to sell her X-ray as NFT | France | The Guardian A senior orthopedic surgeon at the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris was revealed at the weekend to be offering an image of the woman’s forearm, showing a Kalashnikov bullet lodged near the bone, as an NFT digital artwork. Crisis Text Line stops sharing conversation data with AI company – The Verge Crisis Text Line has decided to stop sharing conversation data with spun-off AI company Loris.ai after facing scrutiny from data privacy experts. “During these past days, we have listened closely to our community’s concerns,” the 24/7 hotline service writes in a statement on […]


Graph Page Transition via Illustrator

I’m working with Greg Pask to make a lab website. When I asked him for some visual inspiration he sent me two comic book covers by David Aja. That was a first! It’s driving me to do some interesting things in Illustrator for the first time. I’ve long promised myself I’d learn vector drawing but haven’t ever actually done it. I’ve mainly just used Keynote’s vector drawing tool.1 I’m jotting down how to do a few of these things as posts so I’ll have a reference and hopefully so it’ll stick in my head better. Inspiration I like to work in references to the work the lab does in a variety of ways when I can. Since we’re pushing for a more aggressive visual design for this site, I’m using the limited colors Aja uses (mainly red, black, and white). I saw some graphs from Greg’s research on ant scent processing and I wondered if I could use that jagged line as way to move from a section with a black background to a section with a white background. Some Attempts Initially, I found the largest image I could and took a screenshot of the graph. I put it in Illustrator and did Object > Image Trace > Make. Illustrator still feels like a maze of different visual panels. In […]