Utter Nonsense

It’s all in the processing. Ask students to make sense out of what appears to be nonsense. Take the Ask A Ninja “What is podcasting?” episode. Does it seem like gibberish? For sure. Is there a very definite underlying logic? Without question and that logic can be explained. That’s the type of thing I’d start […]

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Wolverine Love Poems

I’ve been interested in using this Garfield Minus Garfield site for a while. Here are a few ways I might use it. Instant creative writing prompt- Write a love poem to a wolverine. Or write a love poem from the perspective of a wolverine. Or simply write a love poem using the word “wolverine” at […]

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I Suck

I received this message last night. . . . I used to love your website when you took some techie idea and translated it for us commoners (non techie teachers). Now you seem to be so caught up in fighting “them” that you have forgotten “us”…the lowly teachers who are just trying to use technology. […]

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Another Stab at Making the 21st Century Classroom Concrete

We’re on revision 3 of our attempt to describe the 21st century classroom and to make it accessible and actionable for teachers. It’s really easy to say “21st Century Classroom,” it’s much harder to break it down and describe the components in a clear and concise way. We’ve taken three stabs at it and I […]

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