Rookie Javascript Mistakes

I frequently can accomplish things by cobbling together code I find on Stack Overflow and various tutorials/examples found elsewhere. Sometimes I have a decent idea what’s going. Other times . . . my lack of real understanding slows me down much more than I’d like. The following bits of increased knowledge come from playing around […]

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Geo Tagging WordPress

First, go try it out if you want. Submit something. It’ll help it make more sense. I thought this would be a lot easier than I made it. I tried lots of paths and considered spending various amounts of money to make this easier. Please benefit (probably) from my wandering. I try to link in […]

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Diigo + FeedWordPress & WordPress Snap Workflow

These last few posts are an attempt to document both how things I post on this blog come back up and help me do new things and an attempt to document how I come to solutions for things that I don’t understand how to do. Then there’s an attempt to explain what I did in […]

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Javascript Puzzle Code Proof of Concept

This is the result of a conversation I had with Gardner and Jon yesterday. Essentially, we all found this O-P-E-N page1 pretty interesting. As we got to talking it seemed that there could be some interesting ways that that movement could feed back into what the site itself in ways other than just changing the […]

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