Gravity Forms, Open Street Map API, and Leaflet JS

I’m sketching this one out because it’s a fun mix of things. I’m going to use Gravity Forms to accept submissions, the Open Street Map API will convert the address into latitude/longitude, and then we’ll display the data on a Leaflet JS map. I could have done it all in Google but I was irritated […]

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Get your Jamboard text

A screenshot of Chrome with the developer tools open and the Elements tab selected. A search for .jam-frame-active is shown with the contextual menu showing to allowing copying of the element.

We’re doing some strategic planning in Google’s Jamboard. I find it good for the live/interactive aspects of the conversation but when I was looking back over it, it was hard for me to read and organize in my head. I decided I wanted the text from the various sticky notes in a spreadsheet so that […]

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Panopto API meets WordPress

Imagine you have some longer training videos but it’d be useful to provide discrete chunks. You might also want to provide some additional contextual information for particular video portions. Well, we wanted to be able to do that.1 This example uses the Panopto embed API and the Advanced Custom Fields repeater field to make this […]

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Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-02-20

MoviePass Will Track Your Eye Movements to Ensure Ads Are Watched MoviePass, a service formerly known for offering moviegoers unlimited movie tickets for ten dollars a month, is returning from bankruptcy with a new business model: trading ad views for “credits” used to redeem tickets. In an industry first, the platform will require users to […]

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Fancy Gravity Forms Site Creation with Teams

This is an odd one but I think worth writing down so I don’t forget and because it walks me through some patterns that are useful in both Gravity Forms and WordPress Multisite. You can see the whole thing here. The goal was to allow students to sign up and create profile posts on a […]

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