Justify Your Year – 1 Page Front and Back

We’re getting a new supervisor in the near future so we were asked to write up a success/challenges<footnote>See how I made them opportunities? ABC baby. ABC. Or ABC if you’d prefer. I’m good with either.</footnote> sheet to give them an idea of what’s working for our various groups and what’s giving us problems. I thought […]

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H Tags and Auto-Constructing an Anchor Index

Origin Story I got a fairly dense Word document that needed to go online in way that people could more easily navigate. After checking it out, it appeared we had a large number of sections but we were lucky in that they were designated by H tags of various levels. Now I could have gone […]

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Starting to Think Through a Mapping Theme with ACF

Footprints leading to the horizon in the snow.

We’re working with Dr. Nicole Turner on a mapping site that will accompany her upcoming book. There’s a lot of specifics there which we’re considering while trying to walk the fine line where what we make is also something we’ll be able to use with other people down the road. We want to generalize but […]

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Social Media Jujutsu

Three rows of orange-ish colors with the text 'fake hues' over the top of them in white.

Jujutsu1 is a martial art focused on using your opponent’s momentum against them– clever redirection of force rather than trying to meet it directly. This seems like it might be an option for some of today’s social media woes where people are trying to continue to take advantage of the good aspects of these tools/communities […]

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Weather API + Google Sheets

I have many little robot scripts busy saving data to Google Sheets. Here’s one I made based on a little comment from one of my kid’s teachers. It goes to a very kind URL that returns the data structure at the bottom of the page. http://api.wunderground.com/api/YOUR_API_KEY/conditions/q/VA/Richmond.json It’s a pretty nice starter script for anyone wanting […]

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Google Form to Google Sheets to Vue Website

When @cogdog & @twoodwar Were Building Websites From Google Spreadsheets Years Ago https://t.co/Im7oCecvpg — Keegan?Long-Wheeler (@KeeganSLW) February 28, 2018 This post from Keegan kicked of this demo.1 The goal is to create a pretty flexible template for using Google Forms to Google Sheets to simple website. I opted to do this one in Vue but […]

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WordPress Timeline JS Plugin

Background I like Timeline JS. It’s a nice way to create multimedia timelines. I’d previously done some work that would take WordPress JSON API data and insert it into the Timeline JS view.1 It was nice for creating alternate and standardized views of blogs that might be useful for different reasons. It didn’t serve some […]

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