Get your Jamboard text

A screenshot of Chrome with the developer tools open and the Elements tab selected. A search for .jam-frame-active is shown with the contextual menu showing to allowing copying of the element.

We’re doing some strategic planning in Google’s Jamboard. I find it good for the live/interactive aspects of the conversation but when I was looking back over it, it was hard for me to read and organize in my head. I decided I wanted the text from the various sticky notes in a spreadsheet so that […]

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Graph Page Transition via Illustrator

I’m working with Greg Pask to make a lab website. When I asked him for some visual inspiration he sent me two comic book covers by David Aja. That was a first! It’s driving me to do some interesting things in Illustrator for the first time. I’ve long promised myself I’d learn vector drawing but […]

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Detox Site – Energy-conscious website breakdown

Screenshot of the carbon rating saying "Uh oh! This web page is dirtier than 99% of web pages tested."

The following is what I wrote for this year’s DLINQ Digital Detox. It was strange writing without footnotes. It’s also a lot less of my normal writing voice. I was writing for a bunch of strangers rather than you, my dear readers.1 It’s easy to use the web without thinking about it much. Modern processors, […]

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Horizontally Combine Many CSV Sheets in Google Sheets

An odd request came in from a faculty member the other day. As part of their research they had 60 or so CSVs that they wanted combined horizontally. I have many ways to do it vertically but this was a new one. Each file was around 350KB so they weren’t huge and 60 isn’t a […]

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FotoFika Art Baseball Cards

A screenshot of the art-based baseball cards.

Origin Story The 2020 All Stars project1 is tied to the FotoFika site supporting photography faculty teaching online due to COVID. One of the concerns that came up in discussions was that this year’s graduating class wouldn’t be getting the personal connections that normally happen during exhibitions. That led to a discussion around Mike Mandel’s […]

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All the TAGS Twitter Avatars

I have someone who gathered a bunch of tweets for their research using Martin’s TAGS aggregator. She wanted to show all the avatars. Once I published the spreadsheet, here’s all the javascript needed to make that happen. It’s lightly annotated for your reading pleasure and the functioning codepen example is included below. See the Pen […]

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Monthly Reporting, A Gravity Forms to Google Forms Love Story

Well not really but I’ll explain it anyway. Gravity to Google There are a number of plugins that tie Gravity Forms to Google Sheets but most (all?) of them rely on the ability to create an application to get authentication tokens. Many institutional accounts turn off that capability. VCU has turned that off. As a […]

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