Detox Site – Energy-conscious website breakdown

Screenshot of the carbon rating saying "Uh oh! This web page is dirtier than 99% of web pages tested."

The following is what I wrote for this year’s DLINQ Digital Detox. It was strange writing without footnotes. It’s also a lot less of my normal writing voice. I was writing for a bunch of strangers rather than you, my dear readers.1 It’s easy to use the web without thinking about it much. Modern processors, […]

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Anti-Racism Site Brainstorming

Anti-racist learning hub with a subtitle. This image is really mean to represent the colors and font choices for a future website.

I love the part of designing a website where you’re exploring initial ideas. You’ve got a general direction and it’s time to think through interesting things that might play into the visual design and the functional aspects of this thing that doesn’t yet exist. Somewhere around Rasmus Lerdof’s quote – “I actually hate programming, but […]

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VCU: The Long Goodbye (Patterned but not Standard)

Titled: A continuum of choice. A continuum of complexity. From left to right Social media, the LMS, WordPress Multisite, Hosted WordPress, Domain of One's Own, your server. Some of the elements overlap indicate a range of similar possibilities.

I’m trying to document this idea better because I’ve had trouble communicating it in the way that I want as I’ve started my new job.1 A dog is a chihuahua is a great dane WordPress multisite is a thing but it’s a thing that can be as different as a chihuahua is from a great […]

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Recent Work – End of June Edition

Early Engineers website screenshot.

Greetings dear reader. I write to you again out of the desperate hope that writing this cements things I’ve learned better in my own head and maybe gives a person out there something that saves them some time or suffering or maybe just provides a kernel of an idea that they can improve on. That’s […]

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Recent Work – Start of June Edition

View of the faculty page using the shortcode.

My date titles continue to get blurrier. The range of stuff covered gets wider. VCU is moving any course with over 50 students to the online format. We’re supporting that move in a variety of ways. Our little R&D group is trying to answer the non-standard problems, questions, media desires. To some degree we are […]

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Considering Our WordPress Development Patterns

I believe we’ve developed a pretty solid pattern for making WordPress do what faculty want and making that happen pretty quickly. We have high goals in terms of taking on additional challenging work while also supporting a lot of things and a lot of people so we’ve had to be fairly pragmatic in terms of […]

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Two Display Posts Tricks

I’ve been a fan of Display Posts since the days of straight Non-Programistan. Despite the fact that I can write my own stuff from scratch, Display Posts still comes in handy all the time. The following are just two little tricks used in a recent course site. I’m just skimming the surface of the capabilities […]

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PHP Middleware for Keeping Your JS API Secrets Secret

Screenshot of a design context website where the weather data is being pulled via API.

Origin Story We were looking to pull in live weather data for a eco-related design contest that VCU Qatar is hosting. I found a free API for weather but wanted a way to use it via javascript and not expose any secrets. That led to the script below. Many APIs have query strings that require […]

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