Taming a River Theme

Origin Story Matt worked long hours making an incredible theme for Footprints on the James course.1 It’s in WordPress but a large portion of the site ended up being built by hand as complexity increased and time dwindled.2 That means it’s hard-coded HTML/PHP. Now because the site was so great, we ended up having a […]

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H Tags and Auto-Constructing an Anchor Index

Origin Story I got a fairly dense Word document that needed to go online in way that people could more easily navigate. After checking it out, it appeared we had a large number of sections but we were lucky in that they were designated by H tags of various levels. Now I could have gone […]

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Filter WordPress Title but Only in Admin Area

A drawing of a small terrier dog jumping through a hoop held by a monkey.

I am playing around with unfurling1 open graph data in the WordPress TinyMCE editor. You can see what that looks like in the video above. It’s a lot like the oEmbed experience in WordPress but with the open graph information driving it. I want the data to go into the post body but I don’t […]

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Digital Histology & the Long Haul

Digital Histology homescreen screenshot.

Normally we finish our projects in anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Digital Histology has been the exception to that rule. I can see a reference to the site going back to Nov. of 2016! That doesn’t mean we’ve worked on this site continuously for years. The gaps have been frequent and […]

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Top Hat Content Rescue Bookmarklet

We have more and more people building things in Top Hat. Top Hat has some useful features (and a very aggressive sales team) but it’s not a place that makes it easy to get your content out. I am working with some of our biology faculty who have gotten an Open Stax textbook in there […]

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Accessible ACF-Based Tooltip Dictionary

We have a bunch of world language professors prying at the edges of Pressbooks. One of the requests yesterday was to be able to create a mini-dictionary of target language words at the beginning of sections written in that target language. Mousing over the words would show their English equivalent. The intent is to have […]

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Workshop to Event Workflow in WordPress

Will Wonka asking you to tell him again what WordPress can't do.

I have been doing little other than semi-real web development for three weeks across a number of projects. It’s a level of sustained practice/work that I’ve probably never done before. Who knew that kind of focus could actually result in fairly dramatic improvement? One of the projects is the reconstruction of our ALT Lab department […]

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