Clean the WordPress Dashboard & Add Your Own Content

This little plugin is meant for WordPress multisite. When network activated, it closes all the default dashboard widgets and adds your own. It populates your widget with the title and excerpt of any posts on your root blog that are in the category ‘support.’ It’s meant to make it easy for you to add tutorial […]

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Justify Your Year – 1 Page Front and Back

We’re getting a new supervisor in the near future so we were asked to write up a success/challenges<footnote>See how I made them opportunities? ABC baby. ABC. Or ABC if you’d prefer. I’m good with either.</footnote> sheet to give them an idea of what’s working for our various groups and what’s giving us problems. I thought […]

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Voting in Gravity Forms

cartoon face eating cheetos.

This is one of those unique needs but with base elements that are likely to be useful in other scenarios. It looks at the logical operators in Gravity Forms which require no programming knowledge, looks at using cookies to discourage more than one entry, and finally moves to using the API to display data. That’s […]

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Simple Content Restrictor Plugin

An old drawing of an owl.

Origin Story I had a number of emails from people trying to restrict content in various ways. One person wanted to restrict access because they were editing previously published content. Another person wanted more of a traditional membership-style option with the ability to restrict certain content based on user roles. I looked at some of […]

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YouTube Choose Your Own Adventure Interaction

Shows the question prompt following the first video. There's a bit of code and stuff in the background to try to give context.

This was a quick demo built to show how we could mix videos hosted on YouTube with viewer choices at the end of those videos that cause other videos to load. There’s a bit of work around what the visuals would be like for a user but nothing aggressive.1 If you play the first video […]

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